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*requires hiking
*requires Michelson Trail pass
*the town is on private land

Access by a short hike up the Mickelson Trail to a bridge that replaces the one that was a part of the town in the 1890’s. Only history and the faint sound of a flowing Tillson creek remains.

Although only a meadow today with no physical remains, the town of Nahant was founded in 1890. It was a lumbering and mining town of 500 people. Nahant was progressive. It had painted frame buildings, electricity, telephones and a water system. The school, post office, hotel, blacksmith shop and store met most of the resident’s needs. The town even had a medical doctor. Most unique was a clubhouse where people played basketball, roller-skated and danced.

The McLaughlin Tie and Timber Company sawmill was the mainstay of the town. The owners built their own railroad west from Nahant to near Mosque, Wyoming. They brought logs from Wyoming to be made into coal car and grain doors, ties and cordwood. The monthly payroll was $49,000. In 1909 the sawmill burned and closed its doors. Shortly afterwards, most residents moved away.

Decimal Degrees: 44.1766505, -103.7554753