Camp Collier

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Decimal Degrees: 43.3408,-103.7829

It came into being after the Sioux, resentful of the white invasion of their sacred Paha Sapa, had that spring killed a number of persons travelling through the steep walled canyon, believed to be the most practical route from Cheyenne to the newly found Black Hills gold fields. The camp was garrisoned by Co. K Fourth Infantry on detached service from its headquarters post at Fort Laramie, Wyoming Territory and it was commanded by Captain William S. Collier.
The cheyenne – Black Hills telegraph line reached the post on 30 Sept. and Custer on 19 Oct. 1876. There was little trouble with the indians following establishment of the camp but alkaline water, boredome and desertions were major problems. The stockade was abandoned 13 June 1877 when the stage company opened a new short cut route from hat Creek to Jenney Stockade and Deadwood. The buildings were dismantled and the salvageable lumber and other equipment was taken southwest to camp on Sage Creek.

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