The baby Mann grave sits on the edge of one of the interior park roads. The baby died during birth on June 6th 1902 on the original Fleur de Lis Ranch. The history of this large open range horse ranch is very interesting. Leaving France after resigning his commission in the cavalry due to religious and political turmoil the Baron Raymond Auzias de Turenne came to the Black Hills establishing his ranch in 1885 along the North Fork of Lame Johnny Creek. Importing pedigreed stallions the baron greatly improved the stock of the local area. At its height of glory the ranch had a race track and employed a famous French chef, Francois Preel. The increasing presence of homesteaders and fences foretold the demise of the large open range ranching operations and in 1890 Turenne sold the ranch to Herbert “Shorty” Mann.

The baby Mann grave is along the west edge of road CSP 4, go west of the cattle guard near Dr Herberts grave a short distance and turn right onto CSP 3 following it to its junction with CSP 4. Turn left and watch for the cairn of rocks,marked with a sign post on the left edge of the road.

Decimal Degrees:   43.676168,-103.394062