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This site is the second to the last camp in the Black Hills of the Custer Expedition of 1874. The group left Ft Lincoln, near present day Bismark, ND on July 2,1874 and headed south with over 100 wagons, more than a thousand men, and hundreds of mules and horses to explore the uncharted territory of the Black Hills. This camp is, it is said, where the second game of baseball was played in the Black Hills and where the only large group photograph of the officers was taken. The Expedition had been looking for a way out of this valley with it’s towering limestone walls, and had discovered what is today known as Custer’s Gap, just northeast of the August 12 camp, along Nemo Rd. As you view ‘the Gap’ one can just imagine the chaos that ensued while trying to move 100 wagons through that rough and rocky passage.

Decimal Degrees: 44.125168, -103.421345