One Drive

Each year millions of vacationers visit the Black Hills of South Dakota. Many travel the highways enjoying the great activities and sites, like lunch at a favorite restaurant or taking pictures at Mt. Rushmore.

Next time when you visit the Black Hills, your vacation will be more enjoyable because you have traveled a Black Hills Back Road. Plan to stay another day and see the beauty of the Black Hills, found on our back roads.

Back-road travel includes over 3,200 miles of trail-like roads. Every location in the Black Hills is a special place, but there are hidden gems around every corner. Ghost towns, old buildings and historic mines dot the Black Hills landscape and provide vacationers when they come upon them, with a different type of reward.

Amid the splendid scenery of the Black Hills National Forest are 11 reservoirs, 30 campgrounds, 32 picnic areas, 2 scenic byways, 1,300 miles of streams, 13,000 acres of wilderness, 353 miles of hiking trails, and much more.

And, the Black Hills is embedded with numerous tourist related businesses that will enhance your stay. Whether you are lodging, eating, or recreating you will find that these businesses provide excellent services and experiences.

The Black Hills are in western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming, covering an area 125 miles long and 65 miles wide, encompassing 1.2 million acres. Enjoy yourself while viewing the many rugged rock formations, canyons and gulches, open grassland parks, tumbling streams, flowing waterfalls and deep blue lakes.

Enjoy our Black Hills Back Road Destinations.

Favorite Back Road Destinations: